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Steve Rutherford.
Photographer. Explorer. Author.

Australian Photographer STEVE RUTHERFORD has, over the past 20 years, built himself a respectable name in the international photographic world. With a long list of awards, high demand for his creative vision and hundreds seeking his training courses and seminars, he is clearly a photographic professional on the move.

Previously a special operations member at Australia's notorious Long Bay Prison, and a senior manager with the Australian Federal Police' Counter Terrorism Unit, Steve Rutherford’s background has been as diverse as the images he captures.

There is no doubt that anyone with this past has seen both the best and the worst that humanity can be. Steve uses this experience when adding his own unique perspective to the world. Such a perspective can expose the true story behind a corporate advertising campaign, the splendor of a deserted tropical beach, or the age and mystique of an ancient canyon. Steve Rutherford is highly recognized as a leading and trusted professional, by the photographic industry throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

The Master Photographer.

74 Awards in 3 Countries.

Photographer Steve Rutherford, APP AAIPP, has a growing list of national and international photographic awards. Committed to excellence in photography and the highest in commercial print and artwork presentation standards, Steve’s work is recognized by some of the world’s most respected authorities in the photographic industry worldwide.

APP AAIPP - Accredited Professional Photographer, Associate Status - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
NZIPP - Master of Photography Status - New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography

AIPP = Australian Institute of Professional Photography
NZIPP = New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography
PPA = Professional Photographers of America
IAA = International Aperture Awards
QPPA = Queensland Professional Photography Awards (AIPP State)
ATP = Australia's Top Photographers

Steve Rutherford Photography Book Series

QPPA – 1 x Silver Medal
AIPP - 1 x Silver Medal

PPA – 2 x Showcase (Silver) Merit

PPA – 1 x Showcase (Silver) Merit

NZIPP – ”Master of Photography” – Qualification Status
NZIPP – 8 x Bronze Medals
NZIPP – 4 x Bronze Medals

AIPP – 1 x Silver Medal
AIPP – 1 x Silver Distinction Medal

AIPP – ”Associate” of AIPP – Qualification Status
AIPP – 1 x Silver Distinction Medal
AIPP – 1 x Silver Medal

IAA – 4 x Silver Medals
IAA – 1 x Bronze Medal
NZIPP – “Associate” of NZIPP – Qualification Status
NZIPP – 2010 Overseas Photographer of the Year – Runner up
NZIPP – 4 x Silver Medals – Landscape Category
NZIPP – 3 x Bronze Medals – Creative Category
PPA – 2 x Showcase (Silver) Merits
AIPP – 1 x Silver Distinction Medal
AIPP – 1 x Silver Medal

IAA – Finalist – Overall Top 5 Worldwide Placing – Landscape Category
IAA – 3 x Silver Medals – Landscape Category
IAA – 3 x Bronze Medals – Portrait Category
PPA – 4 x Showcase (Silver) Merits
QPPA – 2 x Silver Medals – Documentary Category
QPPA – 4 x Silver Medals – Landscape
ATP – 2 x Nominations – Art and Landscape Categories


What I do.

Photographic Artworks

Steve Rutherford Limited Edition Photography Gallery

Steve Rutherford is an award-winning landscape photographer, explorer, and author. His collection of limited edition landscape photography prints showcases Steve’s commitment to excellence in photography, along with the highest in print and artwork presentation standards.
Steve Rutherford’s work is recognized by some of the world’s most respected authorities in the photographic industry, worldwide.

Photo Workshops.

Steve Rutherford Photography Tours and Workshops

Join us to capture the planet, on one of Steve's personal photography workshops and expeditions. These are not set in the classroom watching Steve edit photos. Expect "hands on, outdoor" training sequences, complex tests to grow your ability, overnight treks and epic locations you will never forget. After all, you want to learn photography, don't you? Then learn the best way known, with your camera in your hand, not in your bag.

Global Social Project.

Steve Rutherford Photography Book Series

Capture the planet. Why? Because memories matter. Capture the Planet is a global social movement to remind us that photography is more important than we think.We believe that a photographic moment is a memory worth keeping, it’s an experience, not just a token snapshot. When your time is ending on this planet, how will you recall your life? Without captured memories, what you experienced, may as well be forgotten.

One Shot Magazine.

Capture The Planet - Social Photography Project

Capture the Planet today with One Shot Magazine. We invite you to discover the magic of photography, and just what’s possible with his free online digital photography magazine – One Shot Magazine.

Read it, share it, contribute to our photography community and invite others to capture the planet with our free online digital photography magazine.

Photography Books.

Steve Rutherford Photography Book Series

The Beginner's Guide to Photography Book Series has been written and developed by award winning professional photographer, author and explorer, Steve Rutherford. Specifically for photographers of all levels to further their skills in photography, this photography book series will inspire you to travel and to Capture the Planet, and the memory of our people, places and things.

Marketing Photography.

Marketing Darkroom - Photography, Marketing and Publishing

Specializing in developing your idea into reality, Steve's Marketing Darkroom provides commercial photography projects, strategic media advice and assistance to the tourism, travel, hotel and lifestyle, and architectural sectors. With over 70 international awards for photography an visual advertising media, it's simply expert photography you can't pass up for your marketing needs.

The Portfolio.

Steve Rutherford photographs travel locations all over the world. He brings back those experiences to teach and inspire new photographers to begin projects and social ideas to serve our world.

His award winning images are are sought by the tourism, lifestyle, hotel and celebrity sectors.

Steve also teaches the art of photography, marketing and publishing, where and whenever he can.

"Seeing, is an art form in itself..."

Steve Rutherford Photography Book Series

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What type of photography do you specialise in?

Predominantly travel and tourism photography in extreme locations for use in advertising and marketing, as well as display and collectable art. This also includes lifestyle photography, such as architectural projects for hotels, property and industrial construction.  I do not photograph family portraits, babies, weddings or events. 

How much do your charge?

This is near impossible to answer without discovering a little more about what you need. It may seem silly, but "we just need a few shots of the foyer of our hotel”, doesn’t really give us enough to go on. 

When you engage me, I gather my team and we work hard to give you an amazing series of images, but we need to know more about the following -

1. Why do you need images captured? Are the current ones outdated? Is this a new project, location, hotel?
2. Where will the images be used and who will see them? This helps us to build a campaign to meet who you want your image to influence. In other words, who is your target market? This will determine how your session is captured, what complexity is involved, what other resources and props might be needed, and how much editing may be required in the final image set.
3. Do you need any models in the session edited and airbrushed to absolute Vogue Magazine perfection? Airburshing is detailed work and can make a world of difference to your images influence on your customers.
4. Also helpful, is what time of day you need the images taken and how access to the shoot location is arranged.
5. What you can do or supply to ensure the shoot is not disturbed during production, which will ensure we run on schedule? 

As you can see, a lot is taken into account in your project's scope. The more we know the more accurate your result.

If you don't tell us about what you need upfront, because you fear the cost will be out of your budget, the rates below will help you identify if your budget fits within what we can provide. With over 70 awards and 20 years experience in commercial photography, my team and I are very happy to help work with your needs and within your budget to get the result you need. We are completely transparent and will be honest with you if we believe your budget is too short for your desired result.

General production costs are as follows…

1. Per day $2500 plus tax.
2. Per half day $1500 plus tax. 
3. Image licence fees apply to every image used. These are not expensive, but relate to industry standards for the type of audience and use you want - mass print, magazine cover, calendar, website, TV etc
4. Files are provided as high and low resolution JPEGS in full colour RGB (Adobe 1998 profile)
5. Files are provided in two sizes - high res JPEGs are 5000pixels @ 300dpi, low res are 1600pixels @72dpi.

Extra editing rates are a % of your production costs. See below.

6. Exporting to multiple file types, colour spaces and b&w conversions = add 25%.
7. Multiple file sizes or resolution conversions = 25%
8. Detailed airbrushing, feature replacement, or removal = 100%.
9. Composite construction of various images into one = 100%.

Cost of all travel needs, make up, props and model hire is to be provided by you, or will be quoted and invoiced as used.

What are you payment terms?

Prepayment in full prior to delivery of your final image set is required.
A 50% retainer is required to commence your work. The remaining 50% is payable prior to delivery.
You are included in the entire process, from planning and production on location to editing and post shoot usage advice.

Having you or your representative on site during production will only enhance your result, because you know what you want. If you cant be there, then we have to use our initiative or "creative licence" to "interpret" what you've told us you want. We'll do all we can to meet your requirement as closely as possibly

We pay all our suppliers at 30 days or the end of the month, is that ok?

Sadly, we cannot operate on 30 day terms. The nature of having to pay our own suppliers, does not allow for this, so we kindly seek prepayment for every project. We like to use the example of returning to the supermarket to pay for your groceries after you’ve eaten them. Sort of doesn't work that way.

But we only need a few photos for a brochure....

That's great, see above on how we can help, but please double check your budget fits our skillset and service offering.

We need you to travel overseas. Can you do that, and what are your rates for travel?

Yes no problem at all. As per our production rates above, plus fares for travel such as air, ground, sea etc. Remember we need to travel to complete your project, and travel back too, so... 2 x days travel and 2 days shooting = 4 daily rates + air, ground, sea transport and accommodation. 

Do we get copyright?

Essentially you don't need copyright so in short, no.

Having copyright does not give you any further benefit to the images captured at all, unless you want to buy them to resell. You need to “use” the photos we capture, you don’t need to own them to use them.

We provide you a license to use the images in accordance with what you say you need them for. 
A common assumption is that when you commission a photographer to capture images for you, that you own those images, because you paid for them. Actually you don't pay for the images, you pay for the skills of a photographer to "make" that image, and for you to "use" that image. 

Sort of like asking BMW to build you a one off design of a car. They still own the "design", you just pay for the use of the car.

It's also like demanding the rights to a song you buy on iTunes, you just want to listen to it right? You don't need to own it. You pay a fee to download the right to listen to the song on your iPod. Pretty simple really. 

So in short, no you don’t get copyright transferred to you, because honestly, you don't need it.

I hope that helps to explain some of how I operate. I think it's all common sense.

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